Ferlin Gravimetric Blender

Ferlin Gravimetric Blender
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Ferlin Gravimetric Blender

The dosing-mixing system GRAVIMIX FGB 5, was developed for the efficient and precise 
dosing of dry and free flowing thermoplastic materials. The FGB 5 is widely used in 
extrusion and injection molding and blow molding machines, where a consistently 
high quality of your end product is sought.
With the design of the mixing chamber, one complete piece, the cleaning is extraordinary 
easy. Without using tools, it can be extracted, even with material still inside. All based on 
the Easy Clean principle.
The registration of all spent components makes an exact calculation in production.  
Because of the constant dosing accuracy, the percentage of additives can be minimized, 
without compromising the quality of the finished product.
The FGB 5 is designed to dose new materials, regrind, color and / or additives. This dosing- 
-mixing system can be mounted directly on, above or next to a processing machine. The 
easily removable parts make a quick cleaning.
The components are individually measured and weighed in the weig bin, which is equipped
with an accurate weighing system. After dumping the entire batch in the mixing chamber,
the horizontal mixer provides a homogeneous mixture. A level sensor in the mixing
chamber controls the overall cycle. The FGB 5 is an economical and user-friendly dosing 

Technical Specification


The system weighs with an accuracy of 0.01 grams. Weight of each component, depending 
on the type of operation, in 0.1 or 1 gram on the screen. (For user-interfaces see separate 


Due to the modular construction of the FGB 5 series, there are nine different designs available, 
up to 6 hoppers with slide gate. Parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel.
Depending on the production, the FGB 5 system comes with an economical, microprocessor-based, 
plug-in control or an advanced industrial PC with touch screen operation. All material hoppers can 
be equipped with optional low-level sensors for additional warning.

Installation options

  • Directly to the opening of a processing machine
  • On a frame with integrated suction box next to the processing machine
  • With or without frame and outlet funnel on a platform
  • If the system is not installed directly on a processing machine, an extra material control valve 
       underneath the mixing chamber is recommended
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