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Cooling Towers

Cooltek 2
Cooltek Ltd – a division of MACHINETECH LTD - specialises in importing and supplying quality cooling towers and water chillers
from overseas and provide good after sales service, and spare parts. MESAN is one of China’s oldest and largest owner manufacturers
of cooling towers and SHINI water chillers use the latest technology. Some models are ex-store from our warehouse in Penrose.

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Machinetech Ltd. have been importing and supplying after sales support for MESAN cooling towers for the past 15 years.

With success in the plastics industry, Machinetech’s main market and with Mesan has now become one of the world leaders

in manufacturing and with success in gaining accreditation from CTI. Machinetech offers you our joint services in providing you

with small to large towers that comply with the New Zealand standards.

specialize in importing a range of high end Cooling Towers single unit - cross flow and counter flow, from 8 RT up to

1500 RT plus modular units for unlimited cooling. Designed to international standards, providing guaranteed performance with

applications to reach varying industries, including plastics and metal processing, HVAC, food production, dairy farm milking sheds, dry

cleaning plants, pulp & paper industries and power stations.

 MESAN Series-679

cooling tower 1-970-357   cooling tower2-302-885-265

Twin Towers 1-449   Twin Towers 2-353 
Alliance Meat Processors – New Zealand

MESAN  MST-2301-11 016-275           MESAN Cooling Tower at Sistema Plastics 22
Sistema New Factory – New Zealand                    MESAN Cooling Tower - Sistema

Cooling Towers  - second hand 008 (1)   
Cooling Towers on the Move  -  Second hand and heading for Napier

MSX  Infill  Changeover  27-9-2010 017-487
New Zealand
By utilizing our Cooling Towers customers can:
Reduce cooling water temperature.
Save power – as they are extremely economical to run.
Reduce the use of refrigeration units.
Reap the benefits of the cheapest and most efficient way of removing heat using water.

We also offer after sales service, a comprehensive consultancy for upgrading or new plants, commission of plants and preventative

maintenance work on all plastics machinery and cooling towers.

MESAN Milk Cooling System 04-2013-37-157

MESAN Cooling Tower 

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