Genox is a combined word of “Generating Oxygen” with a meaning of creating a better environment through new and innovative 
technology.  Both the employees and management of Genox abide by this principle and constantly pursue the most effective, reliable 
and cost-effective solutions for the recycling of waste materials.
Through extensive testing, seeking feedback from our valued customers and distributors, and working closely with our European
engineering partners. Genox has developed an extensive range of technically advanced machinery for the processing of plastics, 
tires, and E-waste.
Plastics shredding, granulation, and washing systems, including complete recycling plants, are the important part of the Genox product 
range.  Single shaft shredders, two shaft shredders, granulators, washing tanks, dewatering centrifuges and other necessary equipment 
which can be customized on request allows us to offer bespoke proposals tailored to suit the requirements of each and every customer. 
Typical plastics systems we produce include:
·  Plastic film size reduction, washing and drying,
·  HDPE & PET plastic bottle granulation & cleaning,
·  Rigid plastics washing plants
These plants were extensively developed and tested, and have since been well received by customers around the world.
The success of our tire recycling systems again proves that Genox has the knowledge and ability to supply high quality, heavy duty 
shredding equipment, and first class project engineering. Traditional Shear Shredders, Heavy Duty Raspers, Finishing Granulators, 
Product Classifiers and Separation Equipment embracing advanced, effective designs help to reduce power consumption, aid effective  
maintenance and minimize operational costs.  These high output plants can be used to process car, commercial, truck and even larger 
(OTR) tires without pre-removal of the steel bead, we can therefore supply fully automated systems.
Genox scrap recycling plants, designed for processing E-Waste, Copper Cable, UBC’s etc. is another area of the recycling industry we  
continue to support.  Depending on the application we offer Shear Shredders, Heavy Duty Granulators, Vertical Crushers (Densifiers), 
Eddy Current Separators and various types of Air Separation Systems.  We also offer smaller capacity plants such as combined Cable 
Recycling Systems which are ideal for customers looking for small investment recycling opportunities.
We have over time developed an extensive network of experienced business partners and distributors worldwide who regularly provide 
feedback on product demand and experiences from their customers.  They also hold large inventories of spare parts and standard  
specification equipment for quick delivery and service to their respective target markets.
Besides assisting us with the development our own product range, our partner companies also support their customers with valuable   
advice on how best to develop, improve or refine their existing processes and/or equipment.

Genox Granulator

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