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SHINI is one of our main suppliers for auxiliary equipment.  They are the largest plastic auxiliary equipment manufactures
all over the world. They could provide reliable and services, which is helpful to improve production efficiency for customers
of plastics industry area.
Their products are from raw materials conveying to volumetric mixing, from mold temperature control to cooling system
of injection molding machine, from automatic robots to granulating and recycling and molding workshop system, etc.

Shini family machines
Screenless Granulators - SG - 14 24N 24T               Low-speed Granulators - SG - 16N 20N

     Screenless Granulators - SG - 14/24N/24T                        Low-speed Granulators - SG - 16N/16D/20N

Sound-proof Central Granulators - SG-23 30 36                Standard Central ranulators - SG-23E 30E 36E

   Sound-proof Central Granulators - SG-23/30/36                "Standard" Central ranulators - SG-23E/30E/36E       

Sound-proof Central Granulators - SG-43                  Sound-proof Central Granulators - SG-50
      Sound-proof Central Granulators - SG-43                              Sound-proof Central Granulators - SG-50

Sound-proof Central Granulators - SG-70                  Roll-feed Granulators - SGF-29               

      Sound-proof Central Granulators - SG-70                                     Roll-feed Granulators - SGF-29

     SGS Series Shredders             Budget Central Granulator

                       SGS Series Shredders                                                    “Budget” Central Granulator

SHINI Plastics Technologies, INC.

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